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Basic Boating Safety Tips and Rules of the Road


 Anyone on a Personal Watercraft (PWC) MUST wear an approved life jacket. There must be a Coast Guard approved wearable life jacket available for everyone in a boat. A skier/tuber is considered a passenger of the boat.


Avoid alcohol. Operating a boat under the influence is just as dangerous as driving a car after drinking.


Operate at a safe speed. Excessive speed or reckless operation is illegal. Slow down for other boats as needed or as conditions dictate. 


Stay to the right. Approach oncoming traffic with them on your left. Try to pass on the left, like in a car, but pick the safest path. That may sometimes be on the right.


Scan constantly for people, objects, and other watercraft.


At night your red and green bow lights and rear white lights must be on.

Operating at night without proper lights is illegal.


Check the capacity of the boat. Do not overload.


Never smoke while fueling or near a fueling dock.


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