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Dock Slip Rentals

Waivers will be available to sign starting April 1, 2024 for the 2024 summer season.

You will not be allowed in your slip until you have filled out the waiver!

Please fill this out in advance.

We need to have all of your boat information so we can make sure everyone is in the correct spot.

You now have to book a minimum of 2 days on weekends. 

Either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday

1 Day: $25 ($26.75 with tax)

2 Days: $50 ($53.50 with tax)

3 Days: $75 ($80.25 with tax)

4 Days: $100 ($107 with tax)

5 Days: $125 ($133.75 with tax)

6 Days: $135 ($144.45 with tax)

1 Week: $140 ($149.80 with tax)

8 Days: $160 ($171.20 with tax)

9 Days: $180 ($192.60 with tax)

10 Days: $200 ($214 with tax)

11 Days: $220 ($235.40 with tax)

12 Days: $240 ($256.80 with tax)

13 Days: $250 ($267.50 with tax)

2 Weeks: $260 ($278.20 with tax)

We are unable to do seasonal dock slip rentals.

If interested please contact the park office at: 765-344-1412

Dock slips are located at the boat rental inside of the park next to the beach


Uncovered slip rentals

Slips do not have power

24-hour pump out station


Even numbered slips are on the left side of the dock facing the water, and odd are on the right 

Slips 28,27,14,15 have lights in front of the


You MUST be moved out of your slip the following day by 10 AM or you will be charged $50 for the day. 

Please be considerate of those renting the slip after you!


Raccoon Lake Boat Rental is not responsible for lost or stolen items


 We require a 48-hour cancellation notice. If you do not cancel at least 48 hours before your rental you will be charged for your rental in FULL and not refunded.

Refunds take 3-5 business days to show up in your account.


Please don't forget to bring rope and fenders to tie up to the dock. 


Please stay in the slip number that is assigned to you!

Trailer parking can be rented here

October Sale Aesthetic Earthy Tones Inst

Boat rental slips 
are in pink 
These are unavailable for rent.

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