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Tube,Skis,and Wakeboards


Hourly Price
1 Hour- $17 ($18.19 with tax)
2 Hours- $20 ($21.40 with tax)
3 Hours- $23 ($24.61 with tax)
4 Hours- $25 ($26.75 with tax)

Hourly Price
5 Hours- $27 ($28.89 with tax)
6 Hours- $29 ($31.03 with tax)
7 Hours- $31 ($33.17 with tax)
8 Hours- $35 ($37.45 with tax)

$100 authorized on a credit card or $100 cash is required for all rentals as a deposit
24-hour cancellation policy

You are required to have a valid United States Driver's License and be at least 18 years old.
Life jackets MUST be worn at all times!
Life jackets are included if it's for our rental boat.

It can only be used in designated areas.

Only 1 tube, pair of skis/wakeboard/Zup per boat

How to book
1. Click book now button
2. Choose the desired date
3. Choose a time
4. Select rental length
 (note:you MUST have the mat back before close!)

What will I be charged
1. Rental
2. Any fines or damages if any


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