Reservation Details

When to arrive:

Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your reservation time in order to fill out all of the paperwork so you are out on time. You will watch a video that takes about 10-15 minutes to watch. We suggest that anyone who plans to drive watches our rental boat safety video and takes the test prior to arrival. This will save time in the office. If you have a 9 am rental you can arrive 15-20 minutes early. On weekends arriving 45 minutes in advance is encouraged. The office gets busy, so you do not want to be late. Arriving 10 minutes before your departure time will not allow you enough time to get out, and you will miss out on part of your rental. Once you arrive at our office please notify the office person, so they can mark the time you arrived. Arriving at least 30 minutes in advance allows you extra time in case you get lost, can’t find parking, have a lot to unload out of your vehicle, have to use the restroom prior to your rental, paperwork, and instructions.

Rental times are not extended for late arrivals.


Late Policy:

We have a 30 minute hold time for reservations. If you are running late you must call and notify us or your reservation will be erased and you will be charged for your rental in FULL.  If running late you will still be charged the full rental price of the original rental, and you will forfeit that time on the water. The boat still needs to be returned at the scheduled time.

Once you are out on the water late returns will be charged.

A late return will be assessed a late charge fee of:

Ten Dollars ($10) per 10 minutes for fishing boats.

Twenty Dollars ($20) per 10 minutes for pontoon boats.

Twenty-five Dollars ($25) per 10 minutes for waverunners.

Twenty-five ($25) per 10 minutes for ski boats.

If you are over a half hour late you will be charged for a full hour rental.

 Please keep an eye on your time and be considerate of those renting after you! No exceptions!

Late fees will be deducted from your security deposit. If you’re more than 1/2 hour late, then you will be subject to the following renter’s bill if there is a rental immediately after your rental time. Please be courteous of those renting after you.


Reservation Information:

Renter is responsible for learning and obeying all local, state and federal laws pertaining to operating the rented craft

Please go over the Indiana Boaters Handbook before you come to have an idea of the boating rules and regulations.





All renters must first go to our office that is located at the docks at the beach.

You will read and sign our rental agreement. You can read this in advance (in the confirmation email) to save time.

Your credit card and driver's license are required for all paperwork. We also need to see a driver's license for anyone who plans on driving the watercraft.

Anyone who is driving the watercraft will have to watch a video and take a driver's test. You can take the test prior to arrival.

The renter is responsible for all damages exceeding the deposit.

Insurance is not provided.

Once you are finished with the paperwork you will go outside where our staff will assist you in getting set up on the boat- this takes about 15 minutes. They will give you a quick session on how to operate the boat and navigate the lake, so it is important that anyone driving the watercraft is present for instructions!

You will inspect the boat along with one of our staff and sign off on a damage diagram before leaving the dock.

Once your rental time is up you will return the boat to the end of the dock for it to be filled up with fuel and checked over for damages. This will take about 15 minutes.  Our crew will then park the boat for you, and you will be directed to the office to pay for any fuel, fines, or damages. You can pay with cash or credit card. It is against the law to not pay for your fuel! If you do not pay for your fuel we will contact the Conservation Officers and the park security, and the fuel will be added to your card or you will be taken to court.



Damages past your initial deposit will be your responsibility. Please keep a lookout for logs, rocks, and shallow spots. These will damage the propeller and the ladder if it is left down. We ask that you stay approximately 200 ft from shore to lessen your chances of hitting something. You will be charged a $30 service charge plus parts if an employee is required to come out to help you if the issue is not the fault of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental. This includes running out of fuel, so please keep an eye on your gas gauge.


Ability to rent and drive equipment:

You must be 18 years old and possess a valid United States issued drivers license. ID cards DO NOT work. Foreign drivers licenses DO NOT work. International drivers licenses DO NOT WORK! You will be turned away if you are not 18 and have a valid license and will be charged for your rental.

IF you are 16-18 years old and have someone with you that is over 18, and you would like to drive the rental equipment you must pass the Indiana Safe Boaters Test and get a safe boaters card. We MUST see your paperwork or card before you drive.

Renter is responsible for learning and obeying all local, state and federal laws pertaining to operating the rented craft




No pets or BBQ grills are allowed on any boat. PLEASE be respectful of other renters. If you bring your pet you will be asked to leave it behind at your campsite.


Radios are not guaranteed to work! If you would like to listen to music please bring a backup. 


If you are pulled over by law enforcement while you are on the water for whatever reason you will NOT be given a refund or time credit. 


Fishing is NOT allowed on our ski boat! Hooks do not combine well with feet and tubes. 


The pontoons and ski boats are able to pull tubers. Only 2 people are allowed to tube at a time. You MUST have a spotter in order to pull a tube or skier.


Park entrance fee: $7 for in-state vehicles and $9 for out-of-state vehicles.  

Alcohol Policy:

The operator of the watercraft is NOT allowed to consume alcohol – same rules apply as if you were on a road.  Please be responsible and have a designated driver.


No kegs or jello shots allowed.


No drunk or disorderly conduct will be allowed or tolerated. If you are intoxicated and being disorderly we will call the police department.  


We have the right to refuse a rental to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your rental will be forfeited and no refund will be given.

We will take down your credit card info and authorize it at the time you make the reservation. As long as there are not any damages, and you show up for your rental your deposit will not be charged. If you give us a card that is invalid and fail to provide us with another payment we consider this fraud and will result in law enforcement being called as well as you being taken to court. 

We require a 48-hour cancellation notice. If you cancel within 24-48 hours you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.  A cancellation within 24-hours or no-show on the day of the rental will result in the customer being charged their rental in FULL. 

You will be turned away if you are not 18 and have a valid license and RENTER will be charged in full for the rental.

here are no refunds due to late check-ins, early return, change of plans, illness, weather, or car problems. 

For weather: Remember we are an hour from Indianapolis and Terre Haute, so the weather there can be different from our location. If you are unsure of what to do please call us the morning of your reservation. We will make the call on whether or not it is ok to cancel without a penalty or not. 

If the weather is inclement, the rental will be postponed or delayed. Inclement weather is defined as weather where there are unsafe conditions.  This includes warning of severe storms, high wind advisory, or tornado as defined by the National Weather Service (NWS). If there are inclement weather conditions in the Raccoon Lake area at your departure time then the rental reservation will be postponed or delayed. You will be able to reschedule the reservation. 

If weather conditions are overcast, cold, cloudy and rainy, but no warnings are issued by the NWS, your rental still stands for the day.

You MUST talk to an employee when making a cancellation! If you do not actually SPEAK to an employee you will get charged. Emailing us the night before or day of does NOT count! There are times we get busy and are unable to check emails until later in the day, so please call! 



Call. 765-344-1989

Text.  765-592-3046

1223 S. Raccoon Parkway

Rockville, IN 47872



Sunday - Thursday 9 AM - 6 PM

Friday - Saturday 9 AM - 8 PM 

You must arrive at least an hour and a half before close to rent a boat!


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