Fines and Policies

Our fees are not meant to keep you from having a good time on the water, but to keep our boats in the best condition as possible. We want everyone to have fun, and these were put into place to help insure that. Please be respectful of other renters as well as our policies.

Thank you and have a great day on the water!

Cleaning Fee
A cleaning fee will be given if the boat is not returned in the same or close to the same condition it was in when it was rented. If the boat is returned in a manner in which the boat will take extra effort to clean than usual

(extra amounts of mud, worm dirt, food, trash, etc.) there will be a charge of $50.00.

You will have the opportunity to clean it up yourself, but if you choose not to do so there will be a charge.

Please be courteous of the renters who are renting after you.  


Tear in Seats and Canopy

$50 every 1/2 inch- this includes cigarette burns!


No pets are allowed! 


If you leave trash on the boat that would take up more than a thank you bag to clean up you will be charged $10.

Please take your trash with you. If you need a trash bag while you are out on the water it is $1 per bag. 


Chewed Gum

If we find chewed gum on any part of the boat there will be a $25  fine.

Gum bakes in the sun and it is difficult to get out. 



If there are any stains from clothing, etc left on the seats it will cost a minimum of $50. If we can't get the stain out and have to replace the entire seat you are looking at about $200.

Please be careful and aware of what you are wearing!



It is against the law to overload the boat past maximum capacity. You are not only risking getting a ticket, but you will be fined $100 from us. 


Unauthorized Driver and/or Unlicensed Driver

$50 for each driver not authorized to drive rental equipment.

Flipping over PWC and filling with water

$50 plus pay for any damage that may occur.


If you beach any watercraft or go within 200 ft from shore you will be fined $100. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! Beaching any boat will result in prop or impeller damage. If there is damage you will be charged for that as well. 


Overnight Renters

If you rent a boat overnight please DO NOT leave food on the boat. We are called Raccoon Lake for a reason.

This will result in a $50 fine as well as the cost of damages if one of those little critters damages the boat.




Please stay in the designated area. Going out of the designated area will be a $100 fine. NO EXCEPTIONS!  You are not allowed to take any of these out of the idle zone areas or to the beach area! We are looking out for your safety, and you will be penalized for not following the rules.

Disorderly and Unsafe Conduct

If you are pulled over by law enforcement, caught by us, or we get calls from other boaters on the water about your conduct you will immediately be brought back to the dock and your rental ended. You will NOT be refunded or given a time credit. We do NOT tolerate any unsafe and disorderly behavior of any kind! Boating is meant to be fun, and we want to keep it that way. Listen to instructions and make sure you follow all of the rules to ensure a great time on the water by everyone.





Call. 765-344-1989

Text.  765-592-3046

1223 S. Raccoon Parkway

Rockville, IN 47872



Sunday - Thursday 9 AM - 6 PM

Friday - Saturday 9 AM - 8 PM 

You must arrive at least an hour and a half before close to rent a boat!


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