Reservation Instructions

1. Pick boat and time. PLEASE double-check your dates and times before booking!
2. If the site kicks you off it means someone has booked it before you and you need to pick another time. If it is not showing the time you want it also means it is already booked during that time. This is to prevent double booking. 
3. Complete reservation by adding a tube, etc, and read our policies
4. Go to your confirmation email and have all drivers take the driver's test. This saves time in the office and ensures everyone understands the rules. 
5. Make sure you read your confirmation email and double-check dates and times! If you don't see your email confirmation in your inbox check your spam folder.

RENTER MUST follow the weight limits and agree said watercraft will not be occupied by a greater number of persons than shown on this agreement due to safety concerns and to keep from damaging the watercraft. Please do not show up expecting to put more people on. We will not allow extra people on the boat and you will not be able to cancel without getting charged for the rental. IF you try to pick up more people on the water you WILL be caught, fined, and have to forfeit your rental without a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Park entrance fee: $7 per in-state vehicle, $9 for out of state

$50 will be charged at the time the reservation is made.
Your fuel will be deducted from this amount at the end of your rental as long as there are no damages, fines, or fees. Whatever is not used will be refunded. If you want to pay for fuel in cash we can refund the $50.

Docks slip renters- your entire rental will be charged IN FULL at the time the reservation is made.
Please put your boat make, model, color, and registration number in the customer note section at checkout.