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Reservation Instructions

1. Pick the boat and time. PLEASE double-check your dates and times before booking! There will be no refunds if you book the wrong date and don't show up for the date you booked. 

2. If the site kicks you off it means someone has booked it before you and you need to pick another time. If it is not showing the time you want it also means it is already booked during that time. This is to prevent double booking. 

3. Complete the reservation by adding a tube, etc, and read our policies. When you book you are acknowledging and signing off on our reservation policies. 

4. Make sure you read your confirmation email and double-check the dates and times! If you don't see your email confirmation in your inbox check your spam folder. If you don't see it in your spam folder call our office and we will resend it. We are not responsible for you reading the confirmation email. Please make sure you read it so you understand our policies.

5. All rentals will be charged in FULL at the time the reservation is made. 
If you have a discount or time credit you still need to pay in full to reserve. When you come in for your rental bring your time credit or discount and you will be refunded at that time.

6. Prices are subject to change at any time. If you are booking for the following year, please check back at the beginning of the summer to see updated prices.

Docks slip renters
Please fill out our waiver with your boat information before you arrive.
This needs to be done once per year.

You must rent for a minimum of 2 days on weekends
Either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday


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