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Ski Boats

Hurricane Boat Details

Engine Details

Make: Hurricane
Model: SS188-OB
Year: 2023
Length: 18 ft
Max Capacity: 10 people

Engine: Suzuki
Horsepower: 150
Speed: 35-40 mph

Drive: Outboard 4-stroke
Fuel: 33 gallons

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Storage and cooler space


Folds Down

Ski Tow Bar


Ski Locker


Tube: 2 person tube included
          340 lbs max


Hourly Price
1 hour- $160 ($171.20 with tax)
2 Hours- $250 ($267.50 with tax)

3 Hours- $300 ($321 with tax)
4 Hours- $365 ($390.55 with tax)

Hourly Price
5 Hours- $405 ($433.35 with tax)
6 Hours- $435 ($465.45 with tax)
7 Hours- $480 ($513.60 with tax)
8 Hours- $520 ($556.40 with tax)

1-hour rentals: can only be done as a walk-in, or by calling our office to see if any slots are open
If you want to try your luck and walk in you must arrive no later than 1.5 hours before closing. At this point, your only option if available and we are not too busy, would be to rent for 1 hourWe will not accept anyone coming in later. 

Two days before the start of the rental the $200 deposit will be authorized on the credit card on file. This will show up as PENDING on your card account.This amount "falls off" within 3-5 days after your rental has ended. If the card will not authorize and another card isn't given the rental will be forfeited.

No boating experience is required for this boat.
You and the drivers are required to have a valid United States Driver's License, be at least 18 years old, and speak fluent English.
Your rental will be forfeited and charged in full if you are unable to meet these requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

We require a 48-hour cancellation notice. If you cancel within 24-48 hours $50 will be taken from your deposit. A cancellation within 24 hours or a no-show on the day of the rental will result in the customer being charged their rental in FULL. 

Only 1 tube is allowed at a time. Pulling multiple skiers and wakeboarders is prohibited.

If you want to try your luck and walk in you must arrive no later than 1.5 hours before closing.
We will not accept anyone coming in later.

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How to book
1. Click Book Now button
2. Choose the desired date
3. Choose a time
4. Select rental length
 (note:you MUST have the boat back before close!)
What is included
1. Anchor/s 
2. Life jackets
3. Skis or tube
4. Driving instructions
5. Paddle, throw cushion, and fire extinguisher

What will I be charged
1. Rental
2. Extra rental equipment-if you want both skis and tube the tube will come with the boat and the skis charged extra.

3. Gas-charged at the end of the rental
4. Any fines or damages if any


What to bring
1. Food and beverage items 
2. Towels and sunscreen
3. Drivers license for all drivers
4. Cell phone
5. Cash or credit card
6. Radio- ours are not guaranteed
What NOT to bring
1. No self-tanning lotion or bronzer
2. No red wine or other staining beverages
3. No jello shots or kegs
4. No pets
5. No BBQ grills
6. No hookahs, shisha, or other items that
utilize open flames, gas, propane, etc.
7. Clothing that can stain
8. Fishing equipment
9. Glow sticks

10. Weapons


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Add these to your rental for extra fun!

Floating Mat

Skis and Wakeboard

Zup Board

Water Saddles

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