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Special Terms and/or Conditions

All drivers and people signing our agreements MUST bring in a valid US driver's license at the time of rental and speak fluent English. 

All drivers MUST pass Raccoon Lake Boat Rentals' safety boating test prior to the start of the rental.

In consideration of the agreement herein, LESSOR Raccoon Lake Boat Rental (hereafter referred to as Raccoon Lake Boat Rental, Lessor, or we) does lease to the undersigned (hereafter referred to as the lessee, renter/s, driver/s, he/she, his/her, they, you, or their) the watercraft (also known as rental craft or boat) and equipment described herein. All facilities, equipment, employees, and property are not held liable for any injury, damage, loss of property, or death.

Credit Card Authorization

Renter hereby authorizes Raccoon Lake Boat Rental to charge the renter's credit card on file for services rendered and damages. Renter agrees that the following can be taken off of the card on file: cancellation fees, the gas that the rental watercraft used during the rental, damages, lost or damaged equipment, the rental itself, and any fines or fees listed on this agreement.

Disputing Charges

If you have a question regarding a charge email us at: Customers who lie in order to receive a chargeback are committing a form of fraud.

Terms and Conditions

The term "Rental Craft" includes any and all property provided by Lessor under the terms of this agreement and the rental. This includes the watercraft (and it's contents), life jackets, mats, rafts, skis, wakeboards, Zup board, tubes, and ski/tube rope. Renter acknowledges his/her responsibility for the safe and proper operation of the craft; and for the safety and welfare of other boaters and by accident, breakdown, or malfunction of the rental craft. Renter further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the LESSOR from, and against any and all claims for loss of or damage to property or injury to persons (including death) resulting through the use, operation, or possession of said rental craft and use of property/facilities. Renter further agrees to hold the LESSOR harmless should loss or damages occur to any of the renter's personal property while carried in, or on the rental craft, or park property including loss or damage caused by fire, water, theft, or any other cause whatsoever. 

THE RENTER AGREES TO REPORT ANY ACCIDENT, MALFUNCTION, OR BREAKDOWN OF THE WATERCRAFT TO THE LESSOR IMMEDIATELY. IF THE WATERCRAFT IS BROKEN AND IS NOT REPORTED RENTER WILL NOT GET REFUNDED FOR ANY LOST TIME! Continued use of the rental equipment shall be entirely at the RENTERS risk and thus RENTER assumes all liabilities of injury and damage to all persons and property that may become involved by its continued use.

Renter agrees to indemnify and hold LESSOR harmless of, from, and against any and all loss, costs, damages, attorney fees, and/or liability in connection with the enforcing of foregoing rental contract by LESSOR, including expenses incurred in the collection or attempting to collect delinquent payment and in the event of a suit by LESSOR to recover possession of said money owed and/or to enforce any of the terms, conditions and/or provisions hereof. It is understood and agreed that the Venue of any action hereunder shall be in Parke County.

LESSOR’S ability to provide a rental craft, if reserved, is contingent upon and subject to the return of the unit by the previous renter, or any other cause beyond LESSOR’S control.

The rules and regulations contained herein and as posted in the office, on the watercraft, website, confirmation emails, brochure, and/or the grounds by the LESSOR are for the safety and welfare of all who use the equipment and facilities. The renter certifies that he/she has read and understands said rules and regulations, and further assumes the responsibility to see that his/her family and/or guest(s) will obey the rules. The rental agreement, rules, policies, and driving instructions are also posted on the boat for reference.

Should any term or condition of the Rental Agreement be held void or unenforceable, then that term shall be deemed severed from the Agreement and the enforceability of the remainder shall not be affected and will remain in full force and effect.

If the renter/drivers are pulled over by law enforcement for any reason there will NOT be a time credit given, refund or time extended. 

Renter understands fuel is paid for at the end of the rental, and renter is responsible for the payment  The rental boat leaves the dock with a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental. At the end of the rental, the renter must pay to fill it back up. Fuel MUST be bought at Raccoon Lake Boat Rental. It is against the law to not pay for your fuel! If renter doesn't pay for fuel LESSOR will contact the Conservation Officers and the park security, and the fuel will be added to your card on file or you will be taken to court in Parke County for theft.



Late Policies

In the event the watercraft is not returned at the time stated on their agreement, the renter agrees to pay for OVERTIME AT THE FOLLOWING RATE PER 10 MIN: $40

Renter will be charged late fees regardless of the reason they are late. Please mark where the boat rental is located on your phone or the lake map on the boat so you can easily make it back to the dock in time.


If you are late to pick up your boat at your start time: Rental times are not extended for late arrivals and refunds or discounts are not given. Your rental will be held for 1 hour from your start time. If you still have not arrived or spoken (communicated) to an employee about arriving late your rental will be considered a no show and charged in full. At this point, your rental will be available for other renters. 

Renter will pay the FULL price of the reserved time even in the event that they did not show up for the rental on time. If running late you will still be charged the full rental price of the original rental, and you will forfeit that time on the water. The boat still needs to be returned at the scheduled time or late fees will be charged.

Damages and Deposit

How the deposit works: The deposit amount for the watercraft will not be taken out in full unless there is damage, a fine, or a fee. If there is damage, fine, or fee the full stated amount will be taken out of the card provided. Renter will be refunded if the damage ends up being less than the deposit amount. If the damage is more, Renter will be charged for the total cost of damage.

Damage, fines, and fee costs can be split between different payment methods. Renter can also talk to their insurance company to see if they will cover the cost if it is major damage. If damage is over $500 we require payment within 5 days or the renter will be immediately taken to court. Damage, fines, or fees under $500 require immediate payment.

Renter acknowledges they will carefully examine the watercraft and will sign the damage waiver finding the watercraft and equipment suitable for the purpose for which it is leased. The renter will maintain both craft and equipment in a safe, dependable condition while in the renter's custody. If the watercraft is not in suitable condition at the rental start time the renter will notify an employee and mark down any damage or problems on the watercraft damage waiver.

The deposit will be forfeited in the event that the watercraft or equipment is damaged in any way during renters rental time and possession and failing to return the watercraft in as good condition as when the renter received it. Renter will be responsible and billed for any remaining repair cost beyond deposit and all downtime/loss of use (including future canceled reservations due to being out of service for repair). If damage has to be quoted we will get a quote as soon as we can from a supplier or mechanic and send it to you via email.

Renter further agrees that in the event the damages exceed the deposit amount ($200-pontoon, $200-ski boat, $200-waverunner, $100- tube/skis/wakeboard/ZUP board/floating mat), Renter will provide Raccoon Lake Boat Rental with the difference in the damage amount and deposit is taken. Renter waives the right to dispute the charge for any reason except credit card fraud. Renter has 14 days from the time of the charge to make a dispute and must email Raccoon Lake Boat Rental first to go over charges. Items cannot be disputed after the 14 day charge grace period. Renter further agrees that in the event that the credit card becomes invalid, the renter will provide Raccoon Lake Boat Rental with a new valid credit card upon request to be charged for payment of any outstanding balance owed. If the balance is not paid renter will be taken to court in Parke County and will be charged all legal fees.

Any damages that require the boat to be hauled out of the water will be charged $100 plus $100/hr mechanic charge.

Loss of equipment such as anchors, life jackets, and all other rental equipment will be taken out of the deposit.

Renter understands that some damages depending on the extent of damage might cost more than what is posted.

Renter will stay at least 100 feet (preferably 200 ft) from shore and keep a lookout for logs, stumps, rocks, shallow spots, and debris. These will damage the propeller, lower unit, and ladder if it is left down. These damages can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.


Damage prices are posted in our office for you to view. 

Prices are subject to change and not all damages are listed. Excludes tax. 

Mechanic rate: $100 hour 


Cancellations and Refunds

There are no refunds or discounts due to late check-ins, early returns, change of plans, illness, weather, car problems, etc. 

Changes to your reservation must be made at least 48 hours prior to your reservation and must be made by speaking with an employee. Anything within that timeframe will result in paying the difference between the original rental time/price and the new time/price. This can be done via phone, text, chat, or email. Changes will NOT be made unless you get confirmation from an employee. For example: if you send a text, email, or leave a voicemail about canceling or changing reservation times it will not be upheld unless you hear back from an employee. The renter will still be responsible for the original rental if they have not confirmed it with an employee. 


Inclement weather is defined as the weather where there are unsafe conditions. This includes warning of severe storms, high wind advisory, or tornado as defined by the National Weather Service (NWS). If there are inclement weather conditions in the Raccoon Lake area at the time of renters departure then the rental reservation will be postponed or delayed, and the reservation can be rescheduled.

If weather conditions are overcast, cold, cloudy, and rainy, but no warnings are issued by the NWS, the rental reservation still stands for the day and cannot be canceled or returned early for a time credit.

In case the weather turns severe (lightning) while renter is on the lake if at all possible return to the dock. Renter needs to always be aware of the weather and their location on the lake, and start heading back as soon as the weather starts to look bad. If unable to return, seek a place of safety such as a cove or a protected shoreline, and call or text LESSOR immediately. Anchor the boat at the bow (front) into the wind. LESSOR cannot give refunds for time not used during a pop-up storm, but renter can reschedule and receive a time credit. Note: if renter doesn't return to the dock renter will NOT be given a refund or credit. LESSOR asks all renters to think about not only their safety but the safety of the employees and come back to the dock when they see severe weather approaching.

Renter can end their rental early and receive a time credit if there was at least 45 minutes of heavy rainfall during their time, severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings, or lightning at the time of the rental. Credits are only given for severe weather conditions at the time of the rental and not future forecasts.

Ability to rent and drive equipment

Renter and all drivers MUST be at least 18 years old and possess a valid United States-issued driver's license. ID cards and international, and foreign driver's licenses WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If the renter/drivers do not meet these requirements they will not be allowed to rent and will be charged in full for the rental. They must physically have their license with them!

Renter and drivers MUST be able to speak fluent English. If the renter and drivers are unable to speak fluent English then the rental will be forfeited and charged in full. This is for the safety of not only the people on the rental boat but for the safety of other boaters on the lake. You need to be able to communicate with other boaters on the water. 

All drivers must take and PASS our driving test in order to drive. This can be done before rental. If it is not done before arrival it will be done when you get to the rental. Any delay with watching the video and taking the test will be at the renter's expense and time will not be extended, discounted, or refunded.

All drivers need to bring their VALID United States driver's license and be present for instructions. 

We require everyone to be QUIET and pay attention to instructions. If this is not followed we have the right to take driving privileges away and we will not allow you to leave the dock until everyone listens and the employees can finish their job. This will cut into your rental time and you will not be refunded or credited, and your time will not be extended.

Only drivers who listened to instructions given by a Raccoon Lake Boat Rental employee and signed off on the damage waiver took the driver’s test and passed, can speak fluent English, and have a valid license are authorized to drive.

Boating Rules

Lake Rules

Renter and all drivers are responsible for learning and obeying all local, state and federal laws pertaining to operating the rented craft.

The vessel must be operated at speeds that are safe for the location and conditions. No weaving through boats that are underway, stopped, or at anchor, and avoid swimming areas. Scan the area constantly, operate defensively, and avoid aggressive maneuvers.

Keep a safe distance of at least 50ft away from people, objects, and other vessels. As speed increases, a greater distance is needed to stop.  

When crossing the path of another boat, the driver should yield to the boat on their right. If the driver or the other boat fails to act, the driver understands there is a threat of collision and it is the driver's responsibility to slow down, steer away, or stop. If the driver meets a boat head-on, the driver should steer to the right. When coming behind another boater, you must do so on their left side. Always yield to sailboats, kayaks, canoes, and other non-motorized vessels.

It’s against the law to operate the boat while persons are sitting in front of the front gate, sides, back cushion and gate, or swim platform while the boat is moving. While the vessel is in motion, passengers must remain seated and away from the front (bow), sides (gunwales), rear (stern/transom), and swim platform.

Swimming, diving, or jumping is not permitted while the boat is turned on. Individuals are never to enter the water unless the vessel motor is turned off, the keys are removed, the propeller has stopped spinning, and a life jacket is worn. Before starting the motor, always do a headcount to make sure all passengers are onboard and visually inspect the area.

Driver will NOT get close to other boaters and will keep a close eye out for tubes being pulled, etc. If a driver does not abide by this rule their rental will be forfeited without a refund. SAFETY IS THE LESSORS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

Driver will make sure there is a lookout other than the boat drivers whenever passengers or parts of the boat obstruct the driver's view. If a driver cannot safely see then anyone riding in the front must sit down or move out of the way.

It is illegal to attach a boat to a buoy or any other navigational aid. It is also illegal to move, displace, tamper with, damage, or destroy any navigational aid.

If the driver has ANY questions, the driver will ask an employee of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental. Renter understands they are responsible for knowing and understanding all laws and boat handling.

It is against federal law to operate your boat in any way that interferes with the navigation of another vessel. It is also illegal to anchor a boat in the traveled portion of the lake which will prevent or interfere with any other boat passing through the same area. Make sure you anchor in the idle zone areas to swim.

State law requires passengers 13 years old and under to wear a life jacket anytime the boat is in motion. There must be a properly fitted life jacket onboard for each person. We recommend anyone who has any impairments of any kind or cannot swim wear a life jacket at all times or not enter the water. 

Speed Restrictions

No person operating a boat shall approach or pass another boat in a manner, or at a high rate of speed, which creates a hazardous wake. All boats must be operated at 10 miles per hour or less between sunset and sunrise.

Renter and drivers understand what an idle zone buoy is and will obey all idle zone laws. Slow no-wake is "operation of watercraft at the slowest possible speed necessary to maintain steerage, but in no case greater than five miles per hour." Producing no white rolling wake anywhere from bow to stern" as their practical definition. The no-wake zones were created to help to reduce shoreline erosion and property damage in constricted areas as well as promoting safety in areas where boats may be in close proximity to shorelines and each other. Everything past the idle zone buoys in front of the bridge is idle. Renter and drivers will ask an employee if they have any questions or will refer to the Raccoon Lake map. If renter/drivers disobey any idle zone buoys the rental will be forfeited without a refund.

We have a GPS on the boat that will alert us if the watercraft is speeding in the idle zones. If you are speeding your rental will be ended immediately without a refund. If you are speeding in the idle zone an alarm will sound. It will not stop until you slow down to the correct speed.

Just like when driving a car you will get pulled over for speeding and get a ticket. 

Reckless, Unsafe, and Careless Operation and Conduct 

Operating a boat or PWC in a manner that unnecessarily endangers a person or property of another person is considered dangerous and you will be charged. Should you be ticketed by a law enforcement officer for one of the crimes listed below, you could have points assessed against your driver’s license. 

Examples of dangerous operation of a watercraft are: weaving through congested traffic, following a watercraft that is towing other individuals, jumping the wake of another watercraft, cutting between a boat and an individual being towed, crossing paths with another vessel when vision is obstructed, and steering toward an object or person in the water and turning sharply at close range. 

Other operating violations include: operating a PWC while facing backward, operating a boat at speeds of more than 10 miles per hour between the hours of sunset to sunrise, loading the boat or PWC beyond the recommended capacity shown on the capacity plate, causing a hazardous wake from your boat or PWC, boating in restricted zones (no-go areas and in the beach area), ignoring posted speeds, and wake restrictions.

If RENTER is pulled over by law enforcement, caught by Raccoon Lake Boat Rental, or called in from other boaters on the water about bad conduct RENTER will immediately be brought back to the dock and the rental ended. RENTER will NOT be refunded or given time credit. Raccoon Lake Boat Rental does NOT tolerate any unsafe and disorderly behavior of any kind! Boating is meant to be fun and safe.

Alcohol and Drugs

Raccoon Lake Boat Rental has a strict NO DRUG policy! The rental will be ended immediately without a refund and police will be called if: any employee of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental suspects there are any drugs on the watercraft, the drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or anyone on the watercraft is drunk and disorderly.

We have the right to refuse a rental to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your rental will be forfeited and no refund will be given.

It is unlawful for drivers of boats or PWCs to operate or allow anyone else to operate their boat or PWC while that person is intoxicated. Indiana law defines intoxication as having a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or greater, or being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs such that a person’s thoughts and actions are impaired and he or she has a loss of normal control of faculties to such an extent as to cause danger to others. If arrested and convicted of boating while intoxicated: You will face the penalties of a Class C misdemeanor. In addition, if this is your first offense or the first in 10 years, you may lose all your driving privileges (motor boat and motor vehicle) for at least 90 days and up to two years. If you are convicted a second time within five years, you may be fined and jailed, and lose the privilege to operate a vehicle, boat, or PWC for 180 days and up to two years. More severe penalties exist for additional convictions. A person boating while intoxicated who causes the death or serious injury of another person will, upon conviction, be guilty of a felony. 

By operating a boat or PWC on Indiana waters, you have consented to be tested for alcohol or drugs if requested by a law enforcement official. If you refuse to be tested, you will be subject to arrest and punishment consistent with the penalties described above and lose your privilege to operate a vessel for at least one year.


Renter will make sure the weight is distributed evenly on the boat. Too much weight towards the front can make the front dig into the water and be dangerous. Also, make sure the weight isn’t too much on one side. This can cause the boat to tip to one side.

Renter understands that driving the boat really hard for a long time will cause it to overheat. The boat will start beeping and needs to be stopped to allow the motor to cool for a few minutes.  The renter will not be credited for the time lost caused by this.

If a driver runs over something with the watercraft it will get caught in the jet or prop, and the renter will lose their time and not be refunded for having to stop and get it removed. The renter will also be charged if Raccoon Lake Boat Rental has to haul the boat out of the water and for any damages.

Renter understands that once they pass under the Highway 36 bridge (to the left of the rental), and keep driving towards the second bridge (Portland Mills Bridge) drivers will turn around as soon as they see the second bridge. This area of the lake is very shallow. Renter understands that if they go to the big idle zone closest to the main ramp (by the campground) drivers will turn around once they see the park main road to the right (the bank will be covered in stone and there are no houses on that shoreline). Please refer to the lake map. There is a GPS on the boat and it will alert the office. You will be immediately asked to leave the area, and failure to do so will result in rental being terminated without a refund.

Boats do not have brakes; so stopping the engine does not stop the boat. Stopping quickly will be difficult if the boat is traveling too fast. Make sure to give yourself plenty of room to stop. Do NOT put the throttle in reverse quickly unless you absolutely have to. Doing so repeatedly damages the boat.

If renter or any other driver is pulled over by law enforcement for whatever reason renter will NOT be given a refund or time credit. If late due to being pulled over renter will be charged the stated late fees. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Renter understands he/she is allowed to use the restrooms located at the main ramp docks and boat rental. Renter will not beach the boat to go to the campground or anywhere else. Renter MUST have the boat docked anytime anyone in the renter's party needs to go to shore.

No racing boats, entering the beach area; diving off of boats, or playing chicken with the boats.

Driver will stay at least 100 ft (preferably 200 ft) from shore and drive in no less than 10 ft of water. Not adhering to this rule could cause extensive damage to the boat and the renter WILL be charged. We have GPS units on the boats that will show us if you got too close. These damages could cost you thousands of dollars.

When refueling please let a Raccoon Lake Boat Rental employee fuel the boat. Please do not attempt to help or stand close to the fuel tank.

Towing other watercraft is prohibited.

What is not allowed on the rental boats

Weapons, BBQ grills or any other cooking equipment, kegs, and jello shots.


Also, do not bring anything that can cause harm to anyone on the rental boat or other boaters. 

Please do not bring anything that will stain the seats. This includes but is not limited to: glow sticks, hair dye, clothes that will bleed, red liquids, etc. You will be charged for cleaning or replacing our seats.

Rental will be terminated without a refund if renter/drivers do the following:

Driving too close to other boaters. Stay a minimum of 100 ft away from other boaters. This is 4 pontoon lengths away.

Not obeying lake rules (speeding in the idle zones, etc)

Driving erratically/unsafe driving

Allowing someone else to drive who has not been signed off on our agreement by an employee and passed the driving test

Driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If there are any drugs on the boat

Bringing a pet onboard

Beaching or coming within 100 ft from shore

Putting more people on the boat than what it is rated for

Tying up to other boats

Using foul language and being and/or being disruptive at our dock. We are a family-friendly business and want to keep things professional. Foul language/music, causing a scene, heavy drinking, and drug use is not permitted and will result in removal from the dock and boat. Please be considerate of other renters and the employees on the dock.

Driving with someone in front of the front gate or behind the back gate. Nobody is to be standing/sitting/laying on the front of the boat (in front of the front gate) or behind the back gate while the boat is turned on. You can get pulled over by police and you risk someone falling in and getting seriously hurt. 

Disorderly and unsafe conduct- If you are pulled over by law enforcement, caught by us, or we get calls from other boaters on the water about your conduct you will immediately be brought back to the dock and your rental ended. You will NOT be refunded or given a time credit. We do NOT tolerate any unsafe and disorderly behavior of any kind! Boating is meant to be fun, and we want to keep it that way. Listen to instructions and make sure you follow all of the rules to ensure a great time on the water by everyone.

Overnight Rental Agreement

Renter acknowledges the fact that they are renting a boat overnight from Raccoon Lake Boat Rental, and there will not be any employees of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental available from 6 pm-8:45 am Sunday thru Thursday or 8 pm-8:45 am on Fridays and Saturdays. If there is a problem, renter understands the employees and owners of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental, and Raccoon State Recreation Area are not available for help. Renter is responsible for everyone and everything in the watercraft, as well as the watercraft itself.

If there is an issue overnight that requires us to come help (unless it is due to a mechanical issue that isn’t the renter's fault) the renter will be charged $100 plus any other fines or damages. Please be responsible.

The boat MUST be back at the dock and ALL BELONGINGS off no later than 8:30 am. Failure to do so will result in a late fee. Please be respectful of those who have 9 am rentals.

Renter understands they cannot keep the lights or radio on during the night without the boat running due to the battery dying. The boat is just like a car so treat it the same.

After dusk, it is required by state law to idle with the navigation lights on at all times when driving the boat. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to be on the water at night without operating both front red and green lights AND a rear white light. Lights should be checked before getting underway to ensure they are not only functional but also bright enough to be seen and make sure you turn them to the off position correctly or it will cause the battery to die.

All boats must idle at night and not go above 10 mph and no watersports are allowed at this time.

Constantly scan for other boat traffic, debris, slower traffic, and even boats with no lights. Be prepared to react if it appears other boaters do not see you.

It is illegal to ski and tube at night.

Sound travels over the water so please be respectful of those around you and the houses around the lake and keep your music and talking to a reasonable level.

Mechanical Issue

First, make sure the throttle is in neutral and the killswitch is on. The boat will not start without these things.

If the driver cannot start the boat, renter understands they must put the anchor/s in the water to keep from drifting into shore or other boaters. They must then call (765-344-1989) or text (765-592-3046) the boat rental right away.

To signal for danger or need for assistance, sound five short blasts of the horn or wave your arms and yell. 

If the oil light is on but the boat isn't beeping this light is acting as a maintenance light and a reminder that an oil change is due in the future. You do not need to go back to the dock unless it starts beeping. You will not get refunded, extended time,  or a time credit for doing so. If the light is on and the boat starts making a beeping noise- come back to the boat rental and we will check over the boat. As long as the problem isn't due to renter error the renter will be credited.


Pontoons and Ski Boats

Keep all hands and fingers free from gates and hinges when on the boat.

Don’t have the radio on for long without the motor running or the battery will die.

Renter understands how to properly use an anchor and will ask an employee how to properly use/store the anchor/s during the rental. Renter will not move/untie any of the anchors. Renter will anchor the boat only from the front (bow) from the cleats, and will only anchor in idle zone areas. Renter must check the anchor rope and make sure the anchor is tied on before putting it in the water. Renter will be careful with the anchor/s, and not bang them against the boat. If the driver is driving fast or if it is rough out the anchor/s could fall off the boat. If it looks like this is a possibility the anchor/s need to be put behind the front gate.

Renter is responsible for the anchor/s on the boat and must bring both anchors back without any damage or knots in the anchor rope. Renter will be charged for the anchor/rope if brought back missing or damaged.

Renter will make sure the ladder is up when nobody is in the water. 

DO NOT grab onto the steering cable when climbing on and off the boat by ladder!

Radios are not guaranteed to work! If you would like to listen to music please bring a backup. There are NO refunds, extended time, discounts, or the ability to switch boats for non-working radios.

If fishing on a pontoon please be courteous of the renters behind you, and keep the boat as clean as possible. We clean between each renter, but it is hard to clean a big mess quickly. Fishing is NOT allowed on the ski boat.

Watersports and Equipment

Renter and all drivers are responsible for learning and obeying all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to operating the rented craft and watersports.

You MUST have a spotter (another adult besides the driver) to pull a tube, skier, Zup board or wakeboarder.

Renter and drivers are responsible for all safety on the dock, DNR property, lake, and on the rental equipment. 

Renter is responsible for making sure all rental equipment including tubes, skis, wakeboards, ZUP boards, floating mats, and rafts are used safely and Raccoon Lake Boat Rental is not responsible for any injury including death. Renter is responsible for taking care of said rental equipment and bringing it back in the same condition as it was left in. If there are any damages the Renter is responsible for paying for those costs.

Floating mats or rafts are never to be towed behind a boat

Tubes, rafts, mats, and all other watersport equipment do not protect against drowning. They are not life-saving devices. Life jackets need to be worn at all times when in the water. Do not swim underneath tubes, rafts, or mats.

Never jump onto a raft, mat, or tube from the boat. Always take care when stepping onto them from another vessel/object.

Never open valves/air vents while the tubes, rafts, or mats are in the water. This will cause water to enter and is unsafe and can cause damage.

Boat Info and Max Capacities

Renter must follow the weight limits and agree that said watercraft will not be occupied by a greater number of persons than shown on this agreement due to safety concerns and to keep from damaging the watercraft. Please do not show up expecting to put more people on. We will not allow extra people on the boat and you will not be able to cancel without getting charged for the rental. IF you try to pick up more people on the water you WILL be caught, fined, and have to forfeit your rental without a refund. The maximum allowed is per person and each person regardless of age and size counts towards the total allowed.

Pontoon- No more than 13 people are allowed, the maximum weight for the captain's chair and ladder is 250 pounds.

Ski Boat- No more than 10 people are allowed, the maximum weight for the captain's chair and ladder is 250 pounds. The maximum weight is 1160 total pounds. The more people/weight on the boat the slower it will go. The ski boat is best with about 6 people if you plan on skiing or wakeboarding.

PWC- 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids. Total combined weight: 496 pounds

1 person tube- 170 pounds

2 person tube- 340 pounds

Zup board- 350 pounds

Floating mat- 550-675 pounds if weight is distributed evenly

Not overloading the boats is very important for safety. If the boat is past capacity you will be charged a $200 fine and must return back to our dock and your rental will not be refunded.

Fines and Fees

Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee will be given if the boat is not returned in the same or close to the same condition it was in when it was rented. Renter will have the opportunity to clean the watercraft, but if renter chooses not to do so there will be a charge of $50 if the boat will take extra effort to clean than usual (extra amounts of mud, worm dirt, food, trash, etc.).  In the event, the boat needs more detailed cleaning and will take more than 15 minutes to clean there will be a $100 cleaning fee.

You will have the opportunity to clean it up yourself, but if you choose not to do so there will be a charge.

Please be courteous of the renters who are renting after you.  

There is a dumpster in the parking lot that can be used. Please do not leave your trash on our dock. We have cameras and you will be fined for leaving your trash. Leaving trash bags/coolers full of trash will result in a $50 fine.

$20 fine if you do not rinse the anchor off in the ski boat, and the boat is muddy when you return. Please help us keep the rental equipment clean and mud-free for the next renter.


No pets are allowed! Be respectful of other renters. There will be an automatic $200 fine, $50 cleaning fee, the rental will be ended without a refund, and renter will be charged for any damages. No exceptions. 

Chewed Gum

$25 fine for chewed gum on any part of the boat, and could cost more if it cannot be removed.

Tying Up To Other Boats

Renter will not tie up with other boats or pull up alongside other boats- including waverunners. There will be an automatic $200 charge for tying up to other boats. This causes expensive damage to our equipment. You WILL be charged for doing this and for any damages that may occur! Please help us keep our equipment looking nice! 


If there are any stains from clothing, etc left on the seats it will cost a minimum of $60. If the stain will not come out and the entire seat has to be replaced that will result in at least a $200 charge.

Please be careful and aware of what you are wearing!

Speeding in the Idle Zone

It is against the law to speed in the idle zone areas and is extremely unsafe. Speeding will result in a $200 fine and your rental will be immediately forfeited without a refund. It is the renter and driver's responsibility to know all lake laws. Please help keep our lake safe! 

Beaching or getting too close to the shore

RENTER understands that if they beach the watercraft or go within 100 ft from shore they will have their time on the water forfeited and will NOT be refunded, will pay for any damages that occur, and will be fined the $200 beaching fee. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! RENTER understands that there could be debris and rocks close to shore, and they will be running the risk of damaging the prop, impeller, lower unit, and hull of the watercraft if they do so. 

Unauthorized Driver and/or Unlicensed Driver

$200 for each driver who does not meet our requirements and is not authorized by an employee to drive the rental equipment. The rental will also be immediately stopped without a refund. Providing false information will also cause your rental to be immediately stopped without a refund, and we will notify the Sheriff’s Department. 

Overnight Rentals

RENTER understands that they will NOT leave food on the boat. It is called Raccoon Lake for a reason. Doing so will result in a $50 fine as well as any additional cost of damages. 

Service Fee

Renter will be charged a $30 service charge plus parts if an employee is required to come out to help if the issue is not the fault of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental. This includes running out of gas. Please keep an eye on gas gauge.

Negligence and/or Misuse

Will be assessed a charge equal to a one-hour rental rate plus labor and parts.

Tampering with, damaging, or losing GPS Unit


All agreements, slide shows, and tests are the property of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental

By the renter and the additional drivers signing below drivers/renters acknowledge that they were given driving and lake instructions by an employee, passed the safety test, met all driving requirements, and are capable of driving. Renter and Driver/s also acknowledge that they fully understand what was on the test, lake rules, Raccoon Lake Boat Rental rules, policies, fines/fees, and instructions given by Raccoon Lake Boat Rental employees. Renter understands that they are responsible and MUST make sure everyone follows the rules and abides by this agreement. Driver/s are prepared to safely operate the rented boat, and if driver/s fail to comply with the policies, and instructions listed below renter/driver(s) risk losing rental time without a refund. Renter and Driver/s are not under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Renter and Driver/s have been allowed to ask any additional questions regarding the operation of the rented boat and have been provided emergency contact information.

Please use your own good judgment when operating the watercraft and equipment.

By signing, Renter is consenting to the use of their electronic signature in lieu of an original signature on paper. In consideration of the agreement herein, LESSOR does lease to the undersigned (hereafter referred to as the LESSEE, RENTER, I, WE, THEIR, MYSELF, MY, AND YOU). RENTER is signing off on behalf of themselves and anyone else who will be on and driving the watercraft.

RENTER has carefully read this agreement and fully understands its contents. RENTER is aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between the renter and Raccoon Lake Boat Rental and signed of their own free will. I (WE) HAVE READ THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS SET FORTH ON ALL PAGES; THAT I (WE) ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT. If the renter does not accept the terms of the agreement the rental will then be void and charged if voided within 24 hours of rental time.


PWC (Waverunners) ONLY

The lanyard must be attached to the operator’s wrist or life jacket at all times.

Always turn the engine off if anyone is off of the waverunner, especially near the back of the waverunner. There is a serious risk of water being forced into lower body openings of both males and females as a result of falling into the water or being near the PWC jet thrust nozzle. The throttle should never be applied when anyone is in the water near the back of the waverunner. Normal swimwear does not protect against this forceful water entry. 

The jet drive intake has tremendous suction and will pull loose items ( i.e. long hair, sand, rope, stones, fishing line, loose clothing, or life jacket straps) through the jet drive. Participants must keep these objects away from the intake grate located on the bottom of the PWC.

Horseplay is not allowed. No spraying or splashing others or wake/wave jumping is allowed.

Stopping the engine will not stop the forward motion of the PWC, and steering control is lost when the throttle is released or when the engine is turned off. 

Correct procedure to upright a capsized PWC- look at the decal at the bottom or rear of the PWC that indicates the direction to roll the PWC to return it to an upright position.

Never FLIP the waverunner and NEVER RESTART IT full of water! If the machine flips, the Lessor has to pull it out of the water and inspect it professionally at the cost of the RENTER.

Renter is in charge of having something to tell time so they will not be late returning the PWC.

Driver must practice in front of the rental starting, stopping, steering, and reversing the PWC until they feel comfortable. If the driver doesn't feel comfortable they must take the PWC back to the dock and practice with an employee until they feel comfortable driving.

Driver understands that they are to not get close to other watercraft, and are not allowed to tie up to other watercraft- even in the idle zone. The driver also knows that they are not allowed to tow anyone (including tubes, wakeboards, etc) behind the PWC.  The driver understands that PWC’s do not have brakes or a reverse, so you must stop far in advance.

All drivers understand that it is against the law to operate a PWC within 50 feet of another boat or PWC. All drivers also understand the idle zone laws, and that they must idle (go very slow with no wake) in all idle zone areas. Beaching the boats is prohibited and if I do so or go within 100 feet of shore it will also result in a $200 fine plus any damages it did to the PWC. 

You do not have an anchor.

The driver understands they have to pay for the gas they used when they are finished at Raccoon Lake Boat Rentals gas dock. Drivers understand they must keep an eye on the gas gauge and come to the dock to refuel once it starts to get low. A low fuel alarm will start going off, and the PWC needs to be taken back immediately.

When bringing the PWC back to the gas dock driver understands they must put the PWC in reverse in order to not slam into the dock. This can cause damage to the PWC and the lessee is responsible for all damages.



PWC makes very sharp turns! Please practice driving before going full throttle.

The driver/renter is signing off acknowledging that they know all of the rules and will abide by all rules and policies.

This rental agreement is the property of Raccoon Lake Boat Rental. Anyone wanting to use our content needs to obtain our permission. You can email us at

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